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The Wizard's Chamber magical escape room Sydney

The Wizard's Chamber Escape Room Sydney

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Prepare to be transported into the enchanting realm of The Wizard's Chamber, an all-new magical experience that is making its way to Sydney! Brace yourself for an extraordinary odyssey as you confront the formidable Sorcerers of the Dark Side, whose insatiable quest for eternal life poses a dire threat to both the magical and non-magical domains.

Gather your coven of skilled witches and wizards as you step into the role of the final line of defense against this nefarious plot. Your mission: unveil the enigmatic secrets behind the Wizard's immortality elixir, ensuring it remains out of the grasp of malevolent forces.


The destiny of the mystical realm hangs in the balance, awaiting your decisive actions! Are you prepared to rise to the occasion, taking on the challenge and emerging as the saviors of the day?


Keep a close watch for upcoming announcements, positioning yourself among the inaugural participants in this monumental quest, set to debut later this year at Escape This Sydney, Manly Beach.


Escape This Perth, Northbridge and Escape This Perth CBD


  💪 6 out of 10

  ⏳ 60 minutes


  🎂 Players 9+ years of age
  💰 $49.00 per person

Families, Adults, Children, Wizardry Fans, Hocus Pocus Fans, Wannabe Warlocks, Wizard Fans, Gandalf Fans, Merlin Aficionados, Witches, First Time Escapers

Buried Alive awaits you...

Buried Alive Sydney escape rooms coming soon_edited.png
The Wizard's Chamber Sydney Escape Room
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