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The Dunny Escape Room Manly Beach, Sydney

Escape an Aussie dunny!

Nature calls so you've slipped free of your tour group in search of a restroom.


Unfortunately, the only toilet you've seen on the tour of celebrity Huge Axeman’s house is the old dunny out the back. And ever since the man himself had gone crazy and taken to the bush several years ago, its door has  remained permanently closed...

But now, with a little force you've managed to pry it open enough to slip through and make use of the long drop inside.

Sitting silently in the fading light, you’re almost finished your business when you hear a rustling outside. You sit up abruptly to take a cautious look outside when suddenly the door slams shut!

Your greatest fears are realised as you try the door, and realise it's locked. With only an hour of sunlight left, you'll need to work quickly to escape and make it back to your friends. Otherwise, like the Axeman himself, you may disappear forever...

You have one hour to escape.


  💪 7 out of 10

  ⏳ 60 minutes


  🎂 9 Years and up
  💰 $49.00 per person

Families, Children, Adults, Adventurers, Action Film Fans, Aussies, International Tourists, Outback Ringers, First Time Escapers


Indisposed awaits you...

What you're in for when you play The Dunny...

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