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Escape Room in Sydney Blog

"The room theme is really novel, there are some nice laughs throughout and the overall quality of the theming and puzzles is strong.
As always, the biggest test of a good escape room for me is whether or not we had fun.  We certainly had a lot of fun in Indisposed."

Open the Locked Door 
"There were so many elements of this room to love, but above all, I really appreciated that this room didn’t take itself too seriously – that playful element permeated the entirety of gameplay – and there were plenty of moments of laughter along the way! The theming remained consistent throughout, and the puzzles were well integrated into the storyline, giving this room a really enjoyable sense of immersion."



Escape Room in Sydney Blog

"We really enjoyed ourselves in Entombed – the treasure hunt mystery theme was great fun (who seriously didn’t enjoy Indiana Jones (at least the first 3 anyway) or Goonies (which was clearly the best film ever made)…."

Open the Locked Door

"Most importantly, this room had plenty of puzzles to test our brains (which are the type we enjoy the most) and we even had a few laughs along the way! For a change from the CBD, or if you’re based north of Sydney, I’d highly recommend heading over to Room Eight and checking out their rooms."

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