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Entombed Escape Room Manly Beach, Sydney

Entombed escape room at Room Eight Manly Beach, Sydney

Escape the Pharaohs tomb!

You take one last look at the briefcase full of cash before closing the briefcase. It's only the deposit, but enough to have enticed you to take on a seemingly impossible case.

As a private investigator working in Cairo, you'd heard whispered rumours about the disappearance of Dr. Smith long before his widow approached you. Her motivation is simple. No body, no insurance payout. And it's a big payout. You've accepted the job...

So as you slip into Smith's study, your thoughts are on your objective: find proof of his demise, or locate the treasure of Khufu - Smith's obsession before he disappeared. Either one will give both you and his widow a healthy pay cheque.

The only thing you hadn't considered... the spirit of a long deceased pharaoh who wishes to be left alone, and a study you may never escape from!

You have one hour to escape.


  💪 6 out of 10

  ⏳ 60 minutes


  🎂 9 Years and up
  💰 $49.00 per person

Families, Children, Adults, Adventurers, Action Film Fans, Aussies, International Tourists, Outback Ringers, First Time Escapers


The pharaoh's treasure awaits you...

What awaits you in Smith's study...

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