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Is there an age limit? Are the rooms suitable for kids?

The minimum age to play our escape rooms is 9 years unless a particular room specifies an older age limit. We would recommend a mixed age range to complete the mission or escape the room successfully. 

A few rules though:

  1. If the group contains any children under the age of 14 then an adult must remain onsite for the duration of the booking (but does not need to accompany the group into the room).

  2. If the whole group is 14 and older no adult needs to remain on site.

  3. If you have a child too young to participate we can sometimes arrange for them to accompany the group as a spectator into the room.


How early should we arrive?

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled experience as departing gamers may let information slip and spoil your game. If you find yourself running late, please call and let us know. Late arrival might reduce the amount of playing time available if the following session time has been booked by other teams.


How do I get there / do you have parking?

You can either bus or ferry into Manly. We are less than 100m from both the bus and ferry terminals. If driving we’d recommend the Whistler St parking building which is also less than 100m away.


Do you accept phone bookings?

We do! You can contact our bookings team on (02) 9173 8535, or send us an email afterhours and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Is it physically demanding?

No. If you can make it down the stairs, you’re fully capable.


Will I be playing the escape room with strangers?

No! All bookings are exclusive to your group. This has always been (and will remain to be) our policy before, during and after Covid. If you want to be locked in a room with a group of people you have never met before (some people do!) then we recommend you try another escape room experience provider.


Will I really be locked in? What if I can’t escape?

Each of our rooms is fitted with a panic button should you need to exit the room early for any reason.


How many people can play?

We recommend 2-6 players, however we can cater to larger groups across multiple escape rooms. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we'll try our best!


How long does the game last?

Our rooms each give you 60 minutes in your attempt to escape.


Can we play team vs team?

Yes. More on this in our "Corporate Team Building" page.


Do you cater to special events (workplaces / bucks / hens etc) ?

Yes, please see our  “Events”  page.


Is there a dress code?

Not really. As long as you brush the sand off and store the longboard before you come in, you’ll be fine. Enclosed shoes are also recommended.


Am I allowed to bring food and drink?

There is no food or drink allowed in our rooms.

I have a Packhunt booked, but it's raining?

Packhunts are an all weather activity! We recommend you wear wet weather gear in the event of inclement weather. If you wish to reschedule your Packhunt due to weather, this can be arranged by calling our bookings team on (02) 9976 3509 no less than 4 hours before your scheduled session.


What do I need to bring?

Nothing but your wits. You’ll be required to place all personal belongings (mobile phone and smart watch included!) in a security locker during the game as no outside items are to be used, and recording or photographing of rooms is prohibited.


There are more people coming than what we booked for.

That is perfectly fine, up to the maximum room capacity. You can pay the balance on arrival with cash or credit card.


Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes. We offer gift vouchers. You can purchase and send one of our totally awesome vouchers here


Can I change or cancel my booking?

Up to 48 hours prior to your session we can change or refund. You’ll need to email us your revised time and we’ll update and resend confirmation.


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