It’s 1852 and NSW is caught in the grip of Gold Rush fever.

Convicts previously resigned to seeing out their sentence in poverty have had a reversal of fortune with the first nuggets found west of the Blue Mountains in Orange, and now stand a chance of making it rich.
Those not so lucky find more lucrative opportunities on the other side of the law, as bandits and thieves.

One such gang of eight made a name for themselves with illicit activities and an uncanny knack of evading the law. Little was known about them other than their emblem left at crime scenes consisting of a single 8 on an angle.

And so was born the legend of the ‘Crooked Eight’.

Their reign of terror reached its peak following their relocation to Manly Beach, where they locked horns with Henry Gilbert Smith, the founder of the district and fleet of steamships. What happened next is the stuff of legends.

Now it’s your chance to get your hands on a priceless treasure, and uncover a secret that’s been buried for over 150 years that will have the whole world reeling...


Players 2-8 per team (max of 80 people)

Duration 90 mins

Difficulty 3/5


"Challenging and heaps of fun. Great to work with the team in a different environment. Felt good to solve the clues together with a big cheer at the end. Highly recommend it."

—  Melissa, Mortgage Choice