Last night you and your friends were part of an epic Buckens (combined Bucks and Hens party) for your two best friends Brad and Jen.


Due to some ill conceived planning, today is the day of the wedding. And as well as nursing hangovers like you wouldn’t believe, you’ve also realised that you’ve misplaced both the wedding rings which you were entrusted with last night (more poor planning).


You’ll need to work as a team to piece together the events of last night, and come up with the rings before today's big event.


Players 4-8 per team (max of 80 people)

Duration 90 mins

Difficulty 3/5


"Challenging and heaps of fun. Great to work with the team in a different environment. Felt good to solve the clues together with a big cheer at the end. Highly recommend it."

—  Melissa, Mortgage Choice